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Everything we do today with our phone right now is through an App, we do Facebook through Facebook App, Order food through Swiggy or Zomato, We chat through WhatsApp , Book our cab through online cab Apps, yes there are alternative browsers for most of the apps but do we really want to look for laptops or desktops? I think NO we use App.

Its just like in late 90’s and early 2000 every company had figured out they need an Individual App, that they have to have website and in 2009-2010 they had figured out they need an Apps have become the default and convenient way to get things done these days.

But what about 2020 or 2025 will they all have the Individual Apps for everything? I think there would be a hassle for both the end user and the developer, for the users each App needs to be found, downloaded, installed, each one need individual sign in, each one of them acts differently and they have to be learnt. At the same time, they also use the phones storage, RAM, other resources and they take a spot on the valuable home screen. On the other hand, designing, developing, constantly maintaining an App is a lot of heck work for the developers. And most of the companies don’t make money from the Apps they connect as an interface to connect with the customers. For Example, gaming or social networking sites do make money from their Active App users but if you are an online booking platform you want your customer to book ticket through app, or you are online cab booking company or multiplex ticket seller you want  customer to book through your app.

What if, we don’t need a designated App for a particular service, if we could get an App from which we can do the online cab booking and Airline ticketing from the same App or chatting with friends and family through the same Apps. That would be hassle free for the both ends.

In near future we are going to have basically three forms of Apps1.“SUPER APPLICATIONS” 2.“CHATBOTS”  3.“VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS”

The best example of Super application like WeChat the single platform from which you can pay, book your cab, get socialize with pairs, can do online shopping, book air tickets etc. Google is also investing on Super application, if you have checked your google map they give you multiple options of booking the cabs, payment option and other things. For Chatbots the Microsoft is betting huge as you can check the new skype they give you literally most of the options with artificial intelligence, they have given the option of Meme creator and last but the most advance and latestis the Virtual Assistants, You can name it as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant are the market leader but I’m quite sure their would other players also. These days most of the Virtual assistance apps does most of the things for you like find location of the map, taking care of your appointment, controlling your bed room lights, and Alexa can make purchase for you as you can link your credit card through it to Amazon. One by one and feature by feature these assistance are aggregating the individual apps and make individual apps redundant.

Yes, off Course some apps are not easily replaced by above three methods such as games and professional apps, but I think in near future more regular and routine services will be moving on to an aggregator service provider (ASP) or “SUPER APPLICATIONS” for their customer and will be giving them a much more simplified and refined experience. And the complex one will be same as they are now or will be stemmed with the user device.

This will lead to profound effect on the industry most of the developer shall not spend their time on developing, maintaining their individual Apps rather they will be feeding information through Aggregator services for example Alexa. The basic Anatomy of the Industry will be changed, and we will be getting much easy accessible and less complex interface with the Apps.

So let’s get ready for the change!!

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