Author: Roli Binwal | Department: Human Resource | Designation: HR Manager

Help your people build digital mindset and capabilities.

With every passing years, the pace of change gets faster, and the key driver has been technology. The years to come, this disruptive innovation will continue to change the way people work.

AI/ Automation rapidly taking over system, which leads to elimination of manual intervention. While saving significant cost/ time, technology replacing jobs.

Any repetitive task/ job is at risk/ advantage of being automated. Foxconn in china – robots will do nearly 70% of the company assembly line work by next year.

Along with decline in jobs, automation will create new jobs that do not exist today. While machines have intelligence, people hold wisdom – the future will need the best of both. In this scenario proactive reskilling and big learning abilities would be critical. HR will have to partner with technology and use it as a key enabler for skill enhancement.

By one popular research data – 65% of children entering school today will end up with new job roles that do not exist today. In summary, it is a brave new world out there that requires jobholders to continuously build new skills. The winners will include one who embrace these opportunity to keep learning, and organization that create a dynamic talent that facilitates this.

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