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Talking about content in M&E industry, content refers mainly to media content like audio, video, or images. Nowadays all content are digitised, that is after capturing raw media with a device, it is compressed & kept in digital storage in specific format, which can be accessible in future.


There are many devices for capturing raw content, one of the main devices being cameras. Others are I/O cards, video servers etc. The most important component in M&E industry is content. It is content only, which enables broadcasters & production houses to earn  money. So itis  very important for any broadcaster or content production companies to keep their content secured. Maintaining the quality of content is also important & this can be achieved by using best quality capturing devices. Multiple formats are being used now , with availability of 4k & HD formats.

Gone are the days when content was distributed only via satellite. Now media content like live shows, movies, TV programs, songs are easily available online ,& viewers can access content from any compatible handheld devices. Production houses can now monetise their content in a number of ways by increasing viewership .Today with cloud based technology like VOD & OTT, content providers can easily know the interest of viewers & accordingly can focus on production of more related content.

Contents had been in production since decades, but now the concept of content production & distribution is changed with emerging technology & crave of viewers for fast & easy access of content. The major platforms  ofsocial networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc are being used nowadays for content distribution, the medium being the mobile netowork.

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